Room to relax, sleep and
enjoy the beautiful scenery

Blikopdepolder “Green Heart”

History of the so-called countryside “Green Heart”

Through the ages, a thick wet layer of peat in this area arose. Due to the limited ground bearing capacity the majority of this peatland was not suitable for developments like industry and related infrastructure, but in return the area was good for agriculture and especially for the extraction of peat. Around 1600/1700, the cities to the Green Heart arose. Later on, the intermediate region was part of the strong defensive work of the so-called “Dutch Water Line”.

Recreational area of the Randstad

Nowadays the “Green Heart” is seen as the ultimate recreational area of the Randstad. This diverse and open landscape with room for agriculture and recreation offers everything you need to enjoy the beautiful scenery. With the urban pressure from the surrounding cities onto the “Green Heart” it is the policy of the government to preserve the area for the future. This way future generations can enjoy this beautiful part of the Netherlands as well.

The village Kamerik

The village Kamerik, part of the city of Woerden, is located in the “Green Heart” arose around the 10th century. The bishop of Utrecht initiated around that time the first peat mining in Kamerik. The water channel crossing Kamerik from North to South was one of the first transport and drain channels in the area to enable the peat mining activities. Nowadays the village has about 3500 residents.